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Technical Information


Length - unlimited (step of module-section - 5 meters)
Width - up to 50 meters (every 5 meters) 1
Side height - 240cm / 300cm/ 400cm 1

1 Standard items. We can design and produce temporary structures for events or party tents of other dimensions to meet the customer's needs.


The frame of a modular tent structure is made of stable aluminum profile frames, interconnected by steel galvanized components. Construction stability is secured with additional cables, which fasten the frames of a hangar together crosswise. Base plates are fixed with metal anchors to the ground or by special designed connections to the floor system. Aluminum frame construction is calculated without snow loads, so in order to maintain a hangar during the wintertime, it is necessary to install a heating system in a hangar or clean snow from the roof covers.


The roof and side covers are grouped following hall sections, 5 m wide, and connected to the frame construction, installing the covers in the special grooves in hangar profiles. The cover is manufactured from flame retardant (DIN4102B1/M2 standard), light translucent material, both sides of which are covered by an acrylic layer. The roof and side covers of the structure can also be produced from blackout (light-proof) material of any color. We also offer a panel wall solution for our tent structures.


Double or single entrance/exit aluminum doors can be installed in any part of the hall.

Flooring system

The floor is an integral system and consists of a metal frame, onto which wooden 1x5 m pallets, produced from 21 mm thick boards, inter-connected with the help of special aluminum profile, are fitted. Special frames allow the installation of the floor in different locations (load approx. 500 kg/m2).

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