Portable Warehouses & Relocatable Hangars:
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Portable Warehouses & Relocatable Hangars

Armada-Vingida is able to provide solid portable warehouse structures for long and short term use. Our prefabricated portable storage buildings are relocatable, modular, fast erected and can be supplied insulated.

Our portable buildings are designed according to high snow and wind loads and are being used worldwide amongst diversified production companies, trading companies, transportation companies and shipping companies. We can offer various storage solutions for your storage needs including complete semi-permanent distribution centres, portable steel buildings and relocatable bulk storage buildings.

Our semi-permanent buildings are capable to serve as permanent buildings and can be in service for 20 years without any adaptations and with very low to zero maintenance.

We supply our portable warehouse buildings as storage facilities for bulk storage, food products storage, electronic equipment storage, timber storage, aluminum materials storage, cargo storage and diversified commodities storage.

Our relocatable warehouses are also available for rental purposes.

Armada-Vingida is also manufacturer of portable and temporary fabric aircraft hangars and shipyard hangars. We can install portable and (semi-)permanent hangars for all sorts of airplanes and helicopters including Boeing-737/ B-767/ B-787 and B-747, and Airbus A320/ A330/ A340 and A380 aircraft. Besides semi-permanent hangars we supply various sorts of relocatable port buildings and airport buildings such as temporary terminal buildings.

Please contact us for our possibilities regarding the specific temporary aviation facilities and marine facilities we can offer.

Advantages of Portable Fabric Buildings:
For more information about our storage solutions or to request an offer, please fill out our enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Besides manufacturing new relocatable warehouse structures we can offer you our used portable buildings and structures as well. Please click here to visit our marketplace.

For more information about our portable warehouse buildings, please visit www.vingida.com as well.

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