Air Supported Structures:
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Air Supported Structures

Armada-Vingida manufactures diversified sorts of air structures with clearspan widths up to 90m. These inflatable structures are being used for various purposes.

The main advantage of inflatable buildings or air inflated structures in comparison to traditional solutions is our low prices and fast delivery terms, which we are able to provide because they do not require steel or wooden supporting construction and they are easily dismantled without help from specialists, e.g. for summer season or other reasons.

Air Supported Structures are mostly used for: Advantages: If you need any additional information or offer, please fill out our enquiry form and we will contact you in the shortest time.

Besides manufacturing new air supported structures we can offer you our used portable buildings and structures as well. Please click here to visit our marketplace.

For more information about our air structures, please visit as well.

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