About us

Armada-Vingida Structures is a specialized manufacturer, designer, supplier and fabricator of various sorts of portable buildings, fabric structures, temporary accommodations and steel buildings with several production facilities in Europe, including in Netherlands and Lithuania, and with branches in the Middle East, US, UK and Australia.

Few examples of regions and countries we supply our products to are:
Our portfolio is very diverse and our clients contain international governments, (Forbes Global 2000) corporations, diversified small businesses, sports clubs (professional & amateur), and global humanitarian aid organizations. Currently our company is supplying its products and services to over a 100 countries worldwide with our clients leading in oil & gas industry, mining industry, steel industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry, electronics industry, transportation industry and food industry. Besides commercial solutions our company supplies its products and services to many international defense ministries and provides various temporary government housing accommodations.

Armada-Vingida is a joint venture between Armada Structures and Vingida Structures and has over 40 years of experience in profesional tent manufacturing and 15 years of experience in manufacturing tensioned fabric structures and designing and producing portable buildings. Armada-Vingida Structures is a subsidiary of Armada-ITS Group.

All operations of our company have certificates and are certified by Det Norske Veritas following EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system requirements.

Our company has achieved great success because it can offer its customers outstanding, high quality products and services for a fair price. Working within a strong competitive environment, the company is ready for changes, it is sensitive to customer demands, and constantly improves its production. Therefore, Armada-Vingida is currently carrying out and will continue to fulfill its obligations to customers, partners, and employees of the organization with quality.

We are different because we can offer premium qualitative high-tech products against competitive prices.

Mission and purpose

Our mission is to be the best and the most successful company in the field of design and construction of temporary buildings and portable structures, implementing quality projects on a world scale. For this purpose, our company established all necessary design, production and management infrastructure. It also maintains partnership relations with other design, production, construction enterprises and organizations in the same field.

In short. Armada-Vingida will prove to be your solid and flexible partner for your temporary housing needs!

Social responsibility

The Armada-Vingida Company invests in social, non-profit and charitable projects on various fields in terms of financial support, or supplying equipment in reference to (refugee) accommodation projects. In 2008 two percent of our annual profits have been made available for supporting various social projects worldwide, which will be invested in 2009.